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What can I expect from a Massage treatment?

The Massage at Zest East West is a holistic form of treatment working on the entire body/system, balancing and regulating function on three main levels:

  • Structural Level – the skeletal system.

  • Soft Tissue Level – muscles, tendons, ligaments, organs.

  • Energetic Level – energy flow in the body’s meridians (Energetic Pathways).

Your body receives the benefits from the very best treatment techniques available to meet its many needs.


What problems can this Massage treatment help solve?

Whether it be a bad back, frozen shoulder, sciatica, migraine, anxiety, depression, chronic fatigue or fibromyalgia, Brooke’s skills enable clients to experience relief from a wide range of physical ailments, as well as stress, fatigue, energetic, mental and emotional problems which are alleviated.

Positive long-term changes can be sustained by committing to regular treatments.

What takes place in a Massage treatment?

Based on an initial consultation discussion and pulse diagnosis based in terms of Traditional Chinese Medicine (Qi, Elements, Meridians) appropriate pressure is applied to various parts of your body that correspond to the energy channels (Meridians) to activate or disperse the energy flow as appropriate.

This treatment takes place at floor level on a soft futon with the aid of a specially designed body supporter to support the neck and back when in face-down position (this can also be used to treat pregnant woman on their front right up until they give birth). Treating at floor level is more relaxing for clients, it provides greater scope for stretches, and mobilisations unlike a traditional Massage table. The practitioner moves you between face-down, face-up and side-lying positions.

Most often physical aches and pains are simply the external manifestation or surface ‘action’ required in meeting a deep underlying physical need or psychological pattern. The treatment, whilst working with the specific problem, ultimately aims to work on resolving the underlying cause or need in the body eliminating the resultant action.

When applying remedial techniques with the aid of oil and herbal liniments, removal of clothing will be required. Drawing from a combination of advanced Massage techniques that go beyond the superficial muscle layer to realign muscle fibers, break up adhesions and increase range of motion and flexibility. Using firm, deep pressure, Massage will not only deeply relax your body, but also release tension from problematic areas and associated muscle groups.

Having said this, at Zest East West we do not believe in the saying “no pain, no gain”, therefore pressure will be applied slowly, allowing your tissue to unwind and relax as the Massage intensity increases.

Each treatment is specifically tailored to your needs at the time, therefore if we agree that you would receive added benefit, Cupping or Moxa may be incorporated (which will require you to remove your shirt to access the skin on your back).

Treatments in conjunction with successive lifestyle advice are focused on implementing long lasting and sustainable changes.

What are the different tools used?

Zest East West
Zest East West
Zest East West

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What are the benefits of the Massage treatment?

On a physical level: 

  • Reduces muscle tension and loosens stiff joints.

  • Loosens the fascia (Connective Tissue) to allow your body to move more freely.

  • Increases lymph and blood flow, effectively improving the supply of nutrients and removing toxins.

  • Re-energises stagnant tissue,

On an emotional level:

  • Release of mental tension leaving you feeling mentally refreshed, relaxed and open.

On an energetic level:

  • Balances and restores flow of energy throughout your system, hence boosting your vitality and sense of wellbeing.

  • Makes you feel more focused and centred, enabling you to live your life with less stress and improved energy.


How much is a Massage treatment?

One hour treatment (60 mins): $140 

One and half hour treatment (90 mins): $190 (When visiting for the first time book a 90 min session, allowing time for a thorough consultation to obtain a clear picture of your current state and prior history.)

Two hour treatment (120 mins): $290 (If you are in a bad way physically, emotionally and/or energetically this is for you. There are cases when a treatment of this scope is required so that specialist applications can be used. If unsure have a chat with us.)

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Can I claim treatment on my private health fund?

The federal government has passed legislation to remove natural therapy rebates from 1 April 2019. Unfortunately this news means that I can no longer offer private health refunds for treatments.

The review that the government’s decision was based on is flawed and limited. Positive world-wide scientific evidence has been deliberately ignored in this government funded research. The Government is using the reports to justify restricting your choice in healthcare.



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