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This Online Qi Gong studio is a resource for you, it’s a restorative hub and an anchor to ground and get back to base when you need it. Qi Gong is about intimacy with the breath and body, it’s you healing you. 24/7 access!

Why Choose Zest East West?

Est 2011 Zest East West is a Hobart specialist clinic in Massage & Oriental Therapy.

Our peaceful retreat is located a short 5 minute walk from Blackmans Bay beach and a 15 minute drive from Hobart CBD.

People trust our expertise, passion and because we care. We don’t watch the clock, we take time to diagnose and talk. We won’t send you out the door if there is an issue that takes extra time to deal with. If we can’t help you we will send you to people we think can.

We are proud of the fact that for many people their path to better balance and health started with us.

  • Relief from stress, tension and pain (eg – neck/back/shoulder pain and headaches)
  • Faster Injury recovery
  • Boosting your mental clarity and resilience
  • Detoxing and re-energising your body
  • A greater sense of balance, connectedness and overall wellbeing
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Combining traditional Eastern with refined Western techniques for profound results