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What is Zi Ran Qi Gong?

  • The Qi Gong style taught at Zest East West is Ziran Qi Gong. This style has been passed down through the Zi Ran Men martial arts system, refined by Masters of our lineage over many generations.

  • Brooke has been teaching full time Qi Gong classes, workshops, corporate health programs and individual sessions in Hobart since 2011.
  • Ziran Qi Gong is a progressive set of exercises that retains all the original concepts and benefits associated with traditional Qi Gong, while following a style of practice that uses terms and expressions that modern people can associate with and understand.“The main aim of Ziran Qi Gong is to obtain an understanding of one’s mind and body and the link between the two.”

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Tendon & Meridian Cleansing Method (Recognition)

A set of movements that stretch and cleanse the body’s tendons and energy meridians, helping students to develop a greater understanding of the flow of Qi in the body. Students will learn to recognise and release physical and emotional tension as well as Qi blockages within the body.

Joint Nourishing & Bone Marrow Washing Method (Cleansing & Creating Space)

This form works more to intensely cleanse and stretch the tendons and muscles. Improved Qi and Blood flow serve to nourish the organs and bone marrow, with the tendons becoming softer and more supple. Practitioners experience greater internal ‘space’ and flexibility.

Five Element Qi Gong (Wu Xing Qi Gong) (Internal Nourishment)

The Taoists believe that there are five basic energies which make up the universe. These five elements are also found within the body and relate to specific organs. Five Element Qi Gong was created by Master Liu De Ming, and works to balance and purify these elements within the body and to nourish the organs.

1008 Drilling Hands (Qian Ba Zuan) (Harmonising)

Zi Ran Men ‘1008 Movement Qi Gong’ (Qian Ba Zuan) was developed to stretch the tendons, stimulate and harmonise the flow of Blood and Qi; and to lighten the body. Students will practise floating the Qi in all directions whilst maintaining a centred and strong foundation.

Qi Gathering Method (Cai Qi Gong) (Gathering)

This dynamic set works to open the lower, middle and upper energy centres. A great method for gathering fresh Qi to nourish physical and energetic body systems.

Qi Gong For Stress & Anxiety (Dragon & Phoenix Form)

A method to recognise blockages in the body to assist relaxation and the release of bodily tension, emotion and stress.

Micro-Qi Circulating Method (Using)

This method focuses on uniting internal and external energy (Qi) to create what is termed ‘ultimate unity force’. The aim is to open and strengthen the three major Qi fields so that the Qi is able to flow more smoothly around the body.

Macro-Qi Circulating Method (Projecting)

This advanced method of Qi Gong involves the art of emitting/projecting Qi to where you want it to go, naturally and spontaneously, with ‘no mind’. The projected Qi joins with the universe and can be used for the healing of self and others.

Clinical Qi Gong

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, deficient or excess Qi flow to the organs can cause disease within the body. To help alleviate these symptoms, the Zi Ran Qi Gong system incorporates a series of movements targeting specific organs, that stretch, cleanse and strengthen the meridian (and the related organ) of the body. These movements may be taught to clients during clinic consultations as a means of ‘active therapy’, complementing the more passive Massage & Oriental therapy treatments.

Seated Meditation

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There are a wide variety of purposes for seated meditation – stilling the mind, regulating the flow of energy, relaxing the body’s habitual tensions and balancing the emotions.

Standing Meditation

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As well as the specific standing postures that go with each of the internal martial arts, there are a series of universal postures which strengthen the energy flows within the body, build stamina and develop good physical posture and relaxation.

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