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Brooke specialises in Massage & Oriental Therapies including Remedial/Relaxation Therapy, Shiatsu, Traditional Thai Massage, Eastern Cupping Traditions (Traditional Chinese Medicine & Thai) and Myofascial (Western). Including Cosmetic Cupping For Facial Rejuvenation and Cupping for Cellulite, Stretch Marks & Scars.

Brooke holds a Diploma of Oriental Therapies and is a nationally accredited Shiatsu & Traditional Thai Massage Therapist. He completed his Traditional Thai Massage Diploma and Advanced Integrated Cupping Certificate with Bruce Bentley, one of the world’s foremost authorities in both disciplines.

He is a past Tasmanian national council representative of the Shiatsu Therapy Association of Australia (STAA) and associated with that, part of a national body of mentors working with graduates/practitioners around the country.

He continues his training in Eastern modalities under the guidance of Grandmaster and Chinese Doctor Wayne Oldham, Tactile & Remedial Medical Specialist. Brooke follows in the Tiedazhang tradition (Tieda means fall and hit, Zhang means Doctor, also known as Bone-Setter). This is a long standing tradition of martial arts healers who specialise in injuries.

Qigong is also an integral part of Brooke’s practice. He has achieved teacher certification from Master Liu De Ming, fifth generation lineage-holder of the Zi Ran Men Kung Fu (Natural Gate), Zi Ran Qi Gong and Liu He Kung Fu (Six Harmonies) systems. Brooke has been training in the Ziranmen system since 2002.

Through the art of Qigong Brooke is able to pass on breath, meditation and mindfulness techniques, as well as corrective strengthening exercises and stretches.

Zi Ran Qi Gong & Meditation classes with Brooke cover many aspects of the Zi Ran Qi Gong system.

Brooke’s approach as a practitioner and teacher is clear, simple and down to earth.  He breaks down often confusing Eastern concepts in ways which can be applied in everyday life.

In 2021 Brooke founded Praxis Space which is an online platform offering courses for professionals and individuals.

Zest East West
Zest East West